Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to make a new account?

If you already have a One Club account, sign in with your email and password to create your entries.

If you are new to The One Club, you can easily create an account which will allow you to enter.

Do I have to be a One Club member to enter?

No. You do not have to be a member of The One Club to enter. However, we always recommend the benefits of One Club membership! For more details on membership, click here.

I'm a student, can I enter?

Unfortunately no, the competition is open for creative professionals only. But we look forward to your entry in a few years!



What are the eligibility requirements to enter?

Next Creative Leaders is a global portfolio competition open to professionals in creative roles including Art Directors, Copywriters, Designers, Associate Creative Directors, Associate Design Directors, newly-promoted Creative Directors and Design Directors (read: less than 1 year in the role as of the competition launch date) and creative teams of two (must meet criteria above).

Can creative teams enter together?

Yes, creative teams are eligible to enter together under one entry. Just remember that you must have both worked on all the pieces of work you’re submitting, and when discussing the work, be sure to account for both of your POVs.

I've entered Next Creative Leaders before, can I enter again?

Yes, as long as you meet all of the other qualifications, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to enter again. That said, if you have already been named a Next Creative Leader, you may not enter again. That includes members of a past winning team entering solo and vice versa.

What is the deadline to submit my entry?

The deadline is December 1, 2023, with an extended deadline of December 8.

Can I submit my judging media after I have completed checkout and closed my entries?

No. The entry system will not allow you to close your entries until you have added the required media.
NOTE: Judging media cannot be edited on closed entries.

What is the cost to enter the competition?

Nothing. This is a free competition.


Submission Requirements

What kind of work can be entered?

Next Creative Leaders entrants must submit a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of six (6) projects. At least three (3) projects must be professional, published projects. One (1) personal passion project is allowed.

Projects entered need not have been created in a particular year — entries will be judged as a collection of work. Submissions need not conform to any specific media categories; your entry may feature projects in one medium or several.

May I submit less than 4 projects?

No. Your Next Creative Leaders entry should represent the breadth of your professional portfolio. If you cannot confidently include 4-6 examples of your best work, we recommend that you consider entering in a year or two.

I would like to submit a campaign but it has not yet been publicly released by the client. Who will have access to it?

Only The One Club team and the 2023 jury will have access to your work throughout the entire Entry and Judging process and it will not be shared publicly. Winners' media will be displayed online.

For each entry, can I submit URL links to my portfolio?

We strongly encourage you to submit your files natively to the entry system when possible. This allows the judges to view your work more easily and eliminates viewing barriers, such as password-protected pages, unrelated work at the same URL, inactive links, etc.

Do I need to provide an English translation for my entry?

Yes. English translations are required for all work in another language.



How are entries being judged this year?

All judging will be done online. As in past years, all work will be judged by our esteemed international juries. Work that has advanced past First Round will be judged in Final Round.

When does judging take place?

The first round of judging begins December 2023. The Final round of judging will begin in January 2024.

Who is on this year's jury?

You can view the complete Next Creative Leaders jury here

When are winners announced?

All winners will be notified by email after judging is completed in January or February 2024.
Notifications will be sent to the primary email address associated with your account. Please be sure to keep this information up to date.


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